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Introduction day for new students

On 15 January we welcome you to an introduction day at the University of Gävle. We extend the service and offer activities around the campus. Welcome!

Students walking in the Fårhall at the University of Gävle

At our welcome ceremony, you will meet the university's vice-chancellor, the Gefle student union and our students. We extend the service and offer various activities around the campus. Many programmes have their introduction on this day.

During the day you have the opportunity to go on a guided tour on our beautiful campus, meet exhibitors at our welcome fair, take a short tour of our library and get help with user accounts, registration, Canvas and more.

A warm welcome to our introduction day on Monday 15 January!

Date: 15 January
Time: 12.30–14.30
Place: University of Gävle



Musical event in Valhall, building 41


Welcoming ceremony in Valhall, building 41


Guided Campus tour


Programme Introduction

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