Research interest

Research area

Physiological and psychological mechanisms in musculoskeletal disorders

My earlier research:

  • Estimating cumulative loading of the lumbar spine during occupational tasks using a posture matching technique
  • The efficacy of an ergonomics training and ergonomic chair provision on self reported and measured physiological variables amongst call centre workers: an intervention study
  • The effect of chair type and chair training on spinal loading during seated work
  • Development on a model to estimate lumbar spinal loads during cycling in masters level road racers
  • Work pace as a mediator of muscle activity levels in the trapezius muscle during light assembly
  • Quantification of methodologically induced error during EMG normalization in the upper trapezius muscle.

Current research interest

While at I am focusing on EMG data collection and processing strategies and will be working to provide clear guidelines for experimentally relevant normalization practices. I will bring together four studies that will quantify the amount of variance directly attributable to the methodological process of normalizing raw electromyography, compare the relative amount of induced variance across different normalization techniques, and will evaluate the quantitative importance of variance attributable to normalization in the context of biological and inter-subject variability.

I will then examine whether the interpretation of data can be affected by normalization method. This process will begin in the trapezius muscle, before migrating to the long erector spinae (ES) muscles.

Current projects

Low back EMG normalization: a comparison of methodologically induced variance across common employed sub-maximal and maximal voluntary contraction tasks
Responsible: Jennie Jackson

Resource allocation strategies for EMG data collection of the erector spinae muscles, and issues influencing exposure parameter variance attributable to normalization
Responsible: Jennie Jackson

Can normalization affect low back EMG risk assessment?
Responsible: Jennie Jackson

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