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Interventions to prevent musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace

Current research interest

My research project is about providing cost-efficient measurement designs when assessing work-related biomechanical exposures. I will compare different methods/strategies of exposure measurement in terms of their cost efficiency and optimize resource allocation for assessing biomechanical exposure at work. The research project is consisting of the following studies:   

In paper [I], which the title is “cost-efficient design of occupational exposure assessment strategies — a review", the analytical tools applied in the available cost efficiency studies for exposure measurement are critically reviewed in order to highlight the need to provide cost-efficient measurement designs when assessing work-related biomechanical mean exposure. The paper is now accepted by the journal “Annals of Occupational Hygiene" for publication.

In paper [II] five different assessment technologies have been compared according to cost efficiency criteria.

In paper [III] cost efficiency in direct technical and observational measurement methods compared and a combined measurement method is optimized.

In paper [VI] different cost functions for producing information on exposure variables, based on different theories and principles, are derived and compared. A translog cost function intended to exposure assessment is presented and important econometric issues are derived. The effect of specifications of statistical cost functions on the optimization results are showed and discussed.     

Current projects

Svend Erik Matiassen, professor, CBF, is responsible for the four studies:

Recension av existerande studier om kostnadseffektivitetsanalys i deras tillämpade statistiska och ekonomiska modeller

Jämförelse av fem olika mättekniska metoder i deras kostnadseffektivitet

Jämförelseanalys av två kostnadseffektiva mätmetoder; direkt tekniska och observationella mätmetoder

Ekonometriska analyser vid mätning av fysiska arbetsbelastningar; jämförelse av olika kostnadsfunktioner

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