Research interest

Research area

Physiological and psychological mechanisms in musculoskeletal disorders

Research interest

I am a PhD-student since 2009, enrolled at the Dept. of Public Health and Caring sciences at Uppsala University. The main aim of my thesis is to investigate possible aberrations of the autonomic nervous system in persons with neck-shoulder pain, and the relation to daily physical activity and perceived stress and fatigue. Laboratory assessment of cardiovascular indices, trapezius muscle activity and blood flow are combined with ambulatory monitoring of heart rate variability and physical activity in subjects with neck-shoulder pain and healthy controls.

Key words

Musculoskeletal disorders, autonomic nervous system, physical activity, stress

Current projects

Monitoring of the autonomic nervous system and physical activity in persons with neck-shoulder pain
Responsible: Eugene Lyskov
Effects of different variations and combinations of mental loads on recovery from physical work
Responsible: Eugene Lyskov
Publicerad av: Camilla Haglund Sidansvarig: Annika Strömberg Sidan uppdaterades: 2016-10-14
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