Helena Jahncke


Associate Professor Occupational Health,

PhD Psychology

Helena Jahncke

Centrum för belastningsskadeforskning

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E-mail: helena.jahncke@hig.se

Direkt: 026 64 81 24
Mobil: 070 231 01 39

Research areas

My overall research goal is to determine how companies can best carry out changes to promote a sustainable health-promoting working life.

The focus is not just on eliminating risks and hazards. Within my research I focus on enhancing positive factors which can promote wellbeing, and I examine both cognitive and physiological outcomes.

One of my research interests is how office design can influence sedentary behavior, productivity and health. A second interest is how recovery and performance at work can be promoted by active pauses, alternation between work tasks, or by optimizing the access to restorative environments (i.e. environments with optimal auditory and visual features).  

 Current research projects:


Work-life balance and a sustainable use of communication technologies: which methods and strategies are effective in promoting recovery for employees?

This project is a four year collaboration between researchers and practitioners. In the first phase we will examine how much and when the employees at the Swedish Transport Administration are connected to work during free time and the associations with restoration and various health outcomes. Based on the results, we will lead focus groups within the organization, to develop proposals for action, which in the next phase, are implemented and evaluated with baseline- and follow up measurements.

Switching from cell- and open plan offices to an activity based office: effects on sedentary behavior, concentration and health.

The goal with this longitudinal field study is to use reliable objective measures to examine which office type best promotes physical activity, productive working and good health.

Test the effects of alternating physical and cognitive workload on performance, fatigue and recovery.

This project will provide a better fundamental understanding for how physical and cognitive work can be optimally combined in the workplace.

Specifying which cognitive functions become fatigued during prolonged work, and which activities and environmental factors promote restoration of these functions.

As part of the project we have also conducted a critical review of methodological issues in restorative environments research.

Finished research projects:

  • The influence of open-plan office noise on cognitive processes and stress hormones (see publication list). 

Senaste publikationerna

Bergsten, E., Haapakangas, A., Larsson, J., Jahncke, H. & Hallman, D. (2019). Effects of relocation to activity-based workplaces on perceived productivity : importance of change-oriented leadership. . [Submitted] [Mer information]
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Mixter, S., Mathiassen, S., Lindfors, P., Dimberg, K., Jahncke, H., Lyskov, E. & Hallman, D. (2019). Stress-related responses to alternations between repetitive physical work and cognitive tasks of different difficulties. Applied Ergonomics. [Submitted] [Mer information]
Haapakangas, A., Hallman, D., Mathiassen, S. & Jahncke, H. (2019). The effects of moving into an activity-based office on communication, social relations and work demands – A controlled intervention with repeated follow-up. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 66. 10.1016/j.jenvp.2019.101341 [Mer information]
Rolfö, L., Jahncke, H., Järvholm, L., Öhrn, M. & Babapour, M. (2019). Predictors of Preference for the Activity-based Flexible Office. Human Systems Engineering and Design : Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Human Systems Engineering and Design (IHSED2018). Cham: Springer. S. 547-553. 10.1007/978-3-030-02053-8_83 [Mer information]
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