Current research interest

Activity limitations are frequent in people that suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain. Research has also shown different types of aberrations in sensorimotor functioning for this patient group. Increased knowledge of these aberrations and how they affect the individual would give us a possibility to improve treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders and to tailor the treatment to the need of the individual in a better way.

These issues are therefore of interest to me, especially when it relates to people with neck pain. Research indicates also that it can be effective to train different aspects of movement control and co-ordination in chronic neck pain. We therefore develop such training methods for persons with neck pain, which has led to a Swedish patent for a new device (SE # 530879) for training the movement control of the neck.

Another research area I devote my time to is how to assess self-rated symptoms and activity limitations in people with neck- and back pain in a valid way. Results from our research show that the content of existing validated questionnaires to measure neck symptoms have low correspondence to the experienced symptoms of the sufferers, which indicates a need to develop questionnaires with better content validity.

During my time as a physical therapist at a vocational rehabilitation centre (Alfta Rehab Center in mid Sweden) I participated in the development of region-specific questionnaires for measuring symptoms and activity limitations of different body regions. The questionnaires, named ProFitMap, were developed in close co-operation with patients. Now we validate and further develop the neck and the low back parts of the ProFitMap.

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