Research interest

Research area

Interventions to prevent musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace

I have a doctorial degree from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, where I in 2006 defended my thesis focused on determinants for work ability with special reference to factors at work promoting excellent work ability. During 2007 I hold a position as post-doctoral fellow at Simon Fraser University, Canada, investigating implications of the introduction of new technology within health care. I returned to Sweden 2008 for my current position as assistant professor (senior lecturer) at the Centre for Musculoskeletal Research enabling me to connect to my earlier training as ergonomist and my more than 20 years experience of occupational health issues covering occupational health care, legislative work and research.

My earlier research has mainly had the ambition to identify so called “health factors" in working life, if there are any and in that case which are they. My definition of a “health factor"  is that it is a factor that causes desirable deviations or changes of a person´s health status. This research has been explorative and included, physical, psycho-social and organizational factors. I have also conducted some research concerning sick-leave as well as the introduction of computerized health records in health care.

Current research interests

My research area is working life and its influence on health. I´m especially interested in continuing to explore to which extend positive factors are prevalent in the work environment and their eventual buffering effect against un-health, especially musculoskeletal disorders, and how this can be used in order to create better work environments. Furthermore I´m interested in focusing my research on the service sector with its special conditions.

Key words

Epidemiology, working life, ergonomics health/un-health, positive factors, service jobs, sick leave, sickness presenteeism

Current research

GodA: Good work environment and healthy workplace
Responsible person: Per Lindberg

Factors at work acting as buffers against neck/shoulder and low back disorders
Responsible person: Per Lindberg

Implementation of work environment changes in steel industry
Responsible person: Per Lindberg
Health and working conditions among immigrants and native Swedes
Responsible person: professor Eva Vingård, University of Uppsala

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