Research interest

Research area

Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders

My Ph.D. thesis (defended 2007) focused on health experiences amongst people with musculoskeletal disorders. This work characterised health experiences amongst the affected with MSDs, including the over-all experience of striving for balance, via the trajectory of neck-shoulder disorders, down to the level of symptoms and a comparison to some questionnaires. If you want to read more, the frame story of the thesis: "Balancing intrusive illness — the experiences of people with musculoskeletal problems"

Research interest

The focus of my research is of health, health experiences and outcome measures related to musculoskeletal disorders.

Current projects

Prominent aspects for the health experiences of women with neck-shoulder pain. A factor analysis
Responsible: Birgitta Wiitavaara

A cost-utility analysis will be performed to evaluate the efficacy of four treatments for neck-shoulder disorders previously investigated in a RCT-study. Data regarding improvement in the participants´ health profiles related to direct and indirect costs at individual and societal level will be considered
Responsible: Birgitta Wiitavaara

The long-term aim of this project is to evaluate whether internationally recommended outcome measures for clinical pain trials are suitable for use in evaluation of non-specific long-term musculoskeletal disorders and secondly to develop a short form questionnaire
Responsible: Birgitta Wiitavaara

A study of "Lay perspectives on health" among people with musculoskeletal disorders which focuses how people think about health and how this impacts their health related behavior
Responsible: Birgitta Wiitavaara
PrimCare — A study of MSD care in primary health care settings, including frequency of visits, symptoms causing visits and measures taken in the rehabilitation
Responsible: Mats Djupsjöbacka

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