Research interest

Research area

Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders

I took my doctorate in 2004 in the subject of sports medicine, focusing on proprioception and sensory mechanisms in muscle stretching. Read more about my thesis

Current research interest

Characterisation of sensorimotor function in people with long-term neck pain. Development of sensorimotor treatment methods for the same patient group. Read more


Motor control, proprioception, sensorimotor function, neck pain, questionnaire

Current projects

Reliability and validity of a new questionnaire for symptoms and functional limitations in subjects with neck pain
Responsible person: Martin Björklund
The effect of neck coordination training on sensorimotor function, symptoms and self-rated health and functioning for non-specific neck-shoulder pain
Responsible person: Martin Björklund

Rehabilitation of women with neck pain. Effects of individualized treatment based on prognostic indicators and tests of functioning
Responsible person: Martin Björklund

Range of movement
Responsible: Mats Djupsjöbacka

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