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Kapitel i böcker

Aboul-Ata, A., Vitti, A., Nuzzaci, M., El-Attar, A., Piazzolla, G., Tortorella, C., Harandi, A., Olson, O., Wright, S. & Piazzolla, P. (2014). Plant-Based Vaccines : Novel and Low-Cost Possible Route for Mediterranean Innovative Vaccination Strategies. Advances in Virus Research. Elsevier. S. 1-37. 10.1016/B978-0-12-800172-1.00001-X [Mer information]
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Wright, S. & Beer, S. (2002). Genes for biosynthesis of pantocin A and B by Pantoea agglomerans Eh318. Proceedings of the 9th international workshop on fire blight. S. 237-241. [Mer information]
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