Ann-Sofie Hiswåls

Anne-Sofie Hiswåls

Registered Nurse
District Nurse
Medicine Master of Public Health


Telephone: +46-(0)26-64 50 96

Current Research

GHOLDH - Gävle Household, Labour-Market Dynamics and Health Survey 

Recent Publications

Macassa, G., Hiswåls, A., Ahmadi, N. & McGrath, C. (2017). Educating Public Health Professionals for an Unknown Future : Insight from a New Bachelor Programme Linking Health Promotion and Sustainable Development. Research in Health Science, 2 (2), 70-78. 10.22158/rhs.v2n2p70 [Mer information]
Hiswåls, A., Walander, A., Soares, J. & Macassa, G. (2017). Employment Status, Anxiety and Depression in a Municipal Context. Research in Health Science, 2 (1), 12-23. 10.22158/rhs.v2n1p12 [Mer information]
Hiswåls, A., Marttila, A., Mälstam, E. & Macassa, G. (2017). Experiences of Unemployment  and Well-Being  After Job Loss During Economic Recession: Results of a Qualitative Study in East Central Sweden. Journal of Public Health Research, 6 (3), 135-141. 10.4081/jphr.2017.995 [Mer information]
Hiswåls, A., Ghilagaber, G., Wijk, K., Öberg, P., Soares, J. & Macassa, G. (2015). Employment status and suicidal ideation during economic recession. Health Science Journal, 9 (1). Länk [Mer information]
Hiswåls, A. (2017). Employment Status and Inequalities in Health Outcomes : Population-based Studies from Gävleborg County. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2017. Sundsvall: Mid Sweden University. 52 s. (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis 272) Länk [Mer information]
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