Leah Emegwa Okenwa

Lecturer, Public Health

Faculty of Health and Occupational Studies

E-mail: leah.e.okenwa@hig.se

Phone: 026-64 50 82
Mobile: 076-052 04 53

Current Research

Summery of current research.

Latest Publications

Okenwa-Emegwa, L. (2019). Doctoral theses as a source of knowledge production for IPV prevention : A literature review of doctoral theses at a swedish university. Open Public Health Journal, 12 (1), 145-154. 10.2174/1874944501912010145 [More information]
Okenwa-Emegwa, L. & von Strauss, E. (2018). Higher education as a platform for capacity building to address violence against women and promote gender equality : the Swedish example. Public Health Reviews, 39. 10.1186/s40985-018-0108-5 [More information]
Salima, N., Okenwa-Emegwa, L. & Stephen, L. (2018). HIV testing among women of reproductive age exposed to intimate partner violence in Uganda. Open Public Health Journal, 11 (1), 275-287. 10.2174/1874944501811010275 [More information]
Okenwa-Emegwa, L., Saboonchi, F. & Tinghög, P. (2017). Depression and Low Labour Market and Social Expectations among Resettled Syrian Refugees in Sweden. European Journal of Public Health, 27 (Suppl. 3), 377-377. 10.1093/eurpub/ckx189.260 [More information]
Okenwa-Emegwa, L., Lawoko, S. & Jansson, B. (2016). Attitudes Toward Physical Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in Nigeria. SAGE Open, 6 (4). 10.1177/2158244016667993 [More information]
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