Maria Engström

PhD Nursing
RN, Registered Nurse


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Nursing and care of elderly

  • Electronic tracking system in dementia care — in cooperation with university, companies and the public sector
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention
  • The garden — an integrated part of elderly care
  • Older persons quality of life, health and ADL-dependency after discharge from the hospital
  • The national fundamental values in elderly care - older persons' and the staff members' perspective
  • Pain prevalence and pain managment in elderly care - an intervention study 

Health-promoting working life in the healthcare sector

  • The interplay between structural conditions, management/leadership, work situation, health of the personnel and the quality of care
  • Patient safety and communication (anaesthesia, intensive care)
  • Working life within the Swedish Healthcare Direct
  • Learning as a driving force for healthy work environments - students and staff perspective
  • First line managers' working life, health, and quality of care
  • Working life in Swedish healthcare - internationally educated nurses' and  physicians' perspective
  • Lean, health and working conditions in primary care (PhD student M Kaltenbrunner)

Recent Publications

Pålsson, Y., Engström, M., Leo Svenne, C. & Mårtensson, G. (2018). A peer learning intervention targeting newly graduated nurses : a feasibility study with a descriptive design based on Medical Research Council framework. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 74 (5), 1127-1138. 10.1111/jan.13513 [More information]
Nilsson, J., Engström, M., Florin, J., Gardulf, A. & Carlsson, M. (2018). A short version of the nurse professional competence scale for measuring nurses' self-reported competence. Nurse Education Today, 71, 233-239. 10.1016/j.nedt.2018.09.028 [More information]
Kristofferzon, M., Engström, M. & Nilsson, A. (2018). Coping mediates the relationship between sense of coherence and mental quality of life in patients with chronic illness: a cross-sectional study. Quality of Life Research, 27 (7), 1855-1863. 10.1007/s11136-018-1845-0 [More information]
Eriksson, E. & Engström, M. (2018). Internationally educated nurses’ descriptions of their access to structural empowerment while working in another country’s health care context. Journal of Nursing Management. 10.1111/jonm.12617 [More information]
Kaltenbrunner, M., Bengtsson, L., Mathiassen, S. & Engström, M. (2018). Lean i primärvården - en bild av hur Lean tillämpas. FALF KONFERENS 2018 Arbetet – problem eller potential för en hållbar livsmiljö?. Gävle: Gävle University Press. S. 112-112. Link [More information]
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