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Grell, P., Blom, B. & Ahmadi, N. (2019). Conditions for helping relations in specialized personal social services : a client perspective on the influence of organizational structure. Nordic Social Work Research. 10.1080/2156857X.2019.1596148 [Mer information]
Ahmadi, F., Erbil, P., Ahmadi, N. & Cetrez, Ö. (2019). Religion, Culture and Meaning-Making Coping : A Study Among Cancer Patients in Turkey. Journal of religion and health, 58 (4), 1115-1124. 10.1007/s10943-018-0646-7 [Mer information]
Ahmadi, N., Ahmadi, F., Erbil, P. & Cetrez, Ö. (2019). Religious meaning-making coping in Turkey : a study among cancer patients. Illness, crisis and loss, 27 (3), 190-208. 10.1177/1054137316672042 [Mer information]
Ahmadi, F., Tavares, R., Matos, P., Tomás, C. & Ahmadi, N. (2019). Secular Existential Meaning-Making Coping Among Cancer Patients in Portugal : A Qualitative Study. Illness, crisis and loss. 10.1177/1054137319864854 [Mer information]
Aslan, P., Ahmadi, N., Sjöberg, S. & Wikström, E. (2019). What Works? Family Influences on Occupational Aspirations among Descendants of Middle Eastern Immigrants on the Swedish Labour Market. Nordic Journal of Social Research, 9, 134-160. 10.7577/njsr.2235 [Mer information]
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