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Komalsingh Rambaree


Komalsingh Rambaree


Forskningsämne: Socialt arbete

Educational Background

  • PhD in Social Work & Social Policy
  • MRes in Crime and Criminal Justice
  • MA in Social Policy and Social Development
  • BSc in Social Work

Current Research Projects


Topic Editor: Ecosocial Work and Sustainability - Sustainability Journal -

Editorial Advisory Board: International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education https://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/journal/ijshe#editorial-team

Senior Editor: Cogent Social Sciences Journal https://www.tandfonline.com/action/journalInformation?show=editorialBoard&journalCode=oass20

Special Issue Editor: Ecosocial Work and Social Change in Community Practice. Journal of Community Practice https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/10705422.2019.1660516

Review Editor: Frontiers in Public Health. https://www.frontiersin.org/journals/public-health



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Rambaree, K. (2019). Community-based Social Work (CSW): Activation against Environmental and Ecological Injustices : Keynote Speech. Italian National Symposium on Community Development. Länk [Mer information]
Rambaree, K. (2019). Enhancing Affective Learning in International Social Work Education through Virtual Reality: An Analysis of Students’ Experiences (Pilot: Phase 1). . [Mer information]
Rambaree, K. (2019). Environmental Justice for the Chagossian Communities: A Case for Transnational Ecosocial Work. International Symposium of Social Work and Sustainability. . [Mer information]
Rambaree, K. (2019). The role of social work in the 2030 Agenda: international context.. . [Mer information]
Rambaree, K. (2018). Appropriation and exploitation of ecosystem resources and services: ‘Beach Grabbing’ in Mauritius. . [Mer information]
Rambaree, K., Berg, M. & Thomson, R. (2017). A Framework for Youth Work with Refugees : Analysis Further To The Expert Seminar "Journeys To A New Life: Understanding The Role Of Youth Work In Integrating Young Refugees In Europe". "Journeys to a New Life" : an expert seminar on the role of youth work in integration of young refugees in Europe. Länk [Mer information]
Rambaree, K. & Sjöberg, S. (2016). Companion Animals in Occupational Social Work. . [Mer information]
Rambaree, K. (2016). Eco-social work for poverty alleviation in coastal areas of Mauritius: from research to practice.. . [Mer information]
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Rambaree, K. (2010). Internet and Early Adolescent Sexuality. . [Mer information]
Rambaree, K. (2010). The Internet Mediated Sex Consumptions of Mauritian Teenagers: Heroes And Victims. . [Mer information]
Rambaree, K. (2008). Analysing Photographic Evidence through Atlas-ti : An Innovative Approach to Qualitative Social Research. . [Mer information]
Backlund Rambaree, B., Davies, P., Ponian, C. & Rambaree, K. (2008). People in Micro Businesses & The Blue Bay Marine Park : An Analysis of Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceived Benefits. . [Mer information]
Rambaree, K. & Backlund Rambaree, B. (2007). Higher Education (HE) for Voluntary Social Workers (VSWs) in Mauritius : Beneficiaries´ Personal Motivation and their Perceived Contribution towards the National Millennium Development Goals (NMDGs). . [Mer information]
Rambaree, K., Auchoybur, N., Kistamah, A. & Rajcomar, R. (2006). Sports Participation and Perceived Health : A study of undergraduate users and non-users of the University of Mauritius Gymnasium. . [Mer information]
Rambaree, K. (2004). The Ecology of Sexuality in a Mauritian Internet Chat Room (MICR) : An Internet Mediated Research (IMR). : IRFD. [Mer information]
Rambaree, K. (2004). Young Girls and Sexual Rights : A Reflection on the Current Mauritian Society. . [Mer information]
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