Open innovation

A survey to investigate contemporary practice!

In order to investigate contemporary strategies, processes and methods for open innovation, an European survey study was launched during 2013. Open innovation refers to how companies collaborate with their external partners (for instance customers, suppliers, universities etc.) in the development of new products and services. The study is performed in four European countries: Italy, Sweden, Finland, and Great Britain. The Swedish study is financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.

Contact details for questions about the Swedish survey

The Swedish survey is executed by researchers from University of Gävle, Linköping University and the Royal Institute of Technology. The following researchers are coordinating the survey:

Professor Lars Bengtsson (lars.bengtsson@hig.se), HiG, tel. +46 26-648802
Associate professor Nicolette Lakemond (nicolette.lakemond@liu.se), LiU, tel. +46 13-282525
Associate professor Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck (anna.ohrwall.ronnback@liu.se), LiU, tel. +46 13-282584
Professor Fredrik Tell, (fredrik.tell@liu.se). LiU, tel. +46 13-282599
Assistant professor Jenny Janhager Stier (jenny.janhager.stier@kth.se), KTH, tel. +46 8 790 74 79
Assistant professor Gunilla Ölund Sandström, KTH, tel. +46 8 790 68 63

European research partners

Our European research partners are located in Italy, Finland and Great Britain. The overall project is coordinated by three researchers from two universities in Italy: University of Carlo Cattaneo i Castellanza och University of Pisa. The following researchers initiated the project:

Ass. professor Valentina Lazzarotti
Ass. professor Rafaella Manzini
Ass. professor Luisa Pellegrini

A senior lecturer Marian Garcia in Great Britian coordinates data gathering in her country. The data gathering in Finland is lead by Professor Aino Kianto at Lappeenranta University of Technology.

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