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Oscar Bautista Gonzalez

Doktorand i elektroteknik

E-post: oscar.bautista.gonzalez@hig.se
Telefon: 026-64 86 73

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Senaste publikationerna

Bautista Gonzalez, O. & Rönnow, D. (2023). Time series modelling of a radial-axial ring rolling system. International journal of Modeling, identification and control, 43 (1), 13-25. 10.1504/ijmic.2023.132108 [Mer information]
Bautista Gonzalez, O. & Rönnow, D. (2023). A Study of OBF-ARMAX Performance for Modelling of a Mechanical System Excited by a Low Frequency Signal for Condition Monitoring. Recent Developments in Model-Based and Data-Driven Methods for Advanced Control and Diagnosis. Springer. S. 73-82. 10.1007/978-3-031-27540-1_7 [Mer information]
Bautista Gonzalez, O. & Chilo, J. (2020). WSN IoT Ambient Environmental Monitoring System. 2020 IEEE 5th International Symposium on Smart and Wireless Systems within the Conferences on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems (IDAACS-SWS): IEEE. S. 1-4. 10.1109/IDAACS-SWS50031.2020.9297085 [Mer information]
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