Hadi Amin

Doktorand i geospatial informationsvetenskap

E-post: hadi.amin@hig.se
Telefon: 026-64 82 41

Hadi Amin holds a B.Sc. in Civil-Surveying Engineering (2009) from Tafresh University and an M.Sc. in Geodesy (2013) from the University of Tehran, Iran. He is currently doing his PhD in geodesy at the Department of Computer and Geospatial Sciences, University of Gävle, Sweden.

His research addresses the analyzing satellite gravimetry observations (mainly GRACE and GRACE-FO missions) along with in-situ observations for monitoring global and regional mass redistribution within the Earth system. The main focus of his research is developing new analytical models for detecting the Earth’s surface mass changes, e.g. sea-level rise and ice melting that are known as the most critical indicators of the ongoing processes of global warming and climate change, from time-variable satellite gravimetry observation."

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