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Kuhelee Chandel

Doktorand i geospatial informationsvetenskap

E-post: kuhelee.chandel@hig.se
Telefon: 026-64 89 43

Spatial integration of 3D data in industrial processes

One significant challenge in industrial 3D digitalization is spatially contextualizing information relevant to industrial processes such as manufacturing processes so that it can be analyzed and evaluated in a true spatial context. In industrial manufacturing practice, for example, the operational attributes of production machinery and product parameters must essentially be assessed in the spatial context and in real-time in order for maintenance workers or process operators to take appropriate measures. To facilitate the intended tasks, different technical components for 3D data acquisition, processing, and visualization should be integrated into a single solution. The robustness of each of the involved techniques in the system determines the conformance of such industrial 3D systems with practical requirements.

New approaches and methods

This research is investigating new approaches and methods for integrating spatial data into industrial processes based on a) the capabilities of the enabling technology (localization, digitalization, visualization), b) the domain-specific application requirements, and c) from the perspective of the end user. The study attempts to answer questions such as:

  • What are the benchmarks for specific application areas in major domains in 3D digitalization in industrial processes?
  • What are the most recent state-of-the-art technologies and solutions for 3D data acquisition and visualization in the industrial domain?
  • How can new technical solutions for 3D spatial integration in industrial processes be designed to meet the needs?
  • What are the performance parameters that can be obtained by combining innovative techniques in 3D data capture, positioning and visualization, and spatial integration?
  • How does the integration of data acquisition and processing systems affect the user interface as well as the overall industrial process?

Senaste publikationerna

Chandel, K., Åhlén, J. & Seipel, S. (2022). Augmented Reality and Indoor Positioning in Context of Smart Industry: A Review. Management and Production Engineering Review, 13 (4), 72-87. 10.24425/mper.2022.142396 [Mer information]
Chandel, K., Åhlén, J. & Seipel, S. (2023). Evaluating the Tracking Abilities of Microsoft HoloLens-1 for Small-Scale Industrial Processes. . Länk [Mer information]
Publicerad av: Camilla Haglund Sidansvarig: Gunilla Mårtensson Sidan uppdaterades: 2022-03-09
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