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Haihan (Jennie) Li

Doktorand i industriell ekonomi

E-post: haihan.li@hig.se
Telefon: 026-64 85 51

My PhD research will focus on developing a deeper understanding of industrial management, more specifically, manufacturing relocation decision-making and manufacturing relocation management.

As a PhD student in industrial management with an MSc supply chain & operations management background, my research focuses mainly on two aspects:

  • To develop a deeper understanding of how to make a resilient manufacturing relocation decision.
  • To explore manufacturing relocation management (e.g., knowledge transfer, supply chain management).

I studied at the University of Nottingham for my Master’s degree (Supply Chain and Operations Management). And I studied at Xiamen University of Technology for my bachelor’s degree (Major in International Business, BA Management).

MSc graduate with Distinction in Supply Chain and Operations Management at the University of Nottingham; ranked first in class each year through undergraduate studies in International Business, and final year research project into global supply chain management was the first to be awarded the top grade in five years. Engaging in four internships at international firms as a marketing administrator, buyer, and logistic intern.

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