The Research Platform

Energy Technology and Indoor Climate

Division of Energy and Mechanical Engineering
Department of Technology and Built Environment
University of Gävle

Project leader: Professor Bahram Moshfegh.  

Supported by: University of Gävle and KK-Foundation

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The research area Energy Technology and Indoor Climate treats the indoor environment created by different principles for ventilation, heating, cooling, lighting and the properties and the status of limited surfaces. The subject of research contains both inhabited and uninhabited ventilated enclosures with considerable demands on cooling, heating and climatization. For inhabited enclosures the research covers the whole range from technology to man.  

The purpose of the research is to obtain persistent basic knowledge and methods for energy efficient solutions to create proper indoor environment. The research will cover basic research in chemistry, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and experimental psychology that is the basis for indoor environment and technology development. Research within the area of technology development covers for instance the following areas: development of technology for good indoor environment and development of methods for evaluation of the indoor climate.  

The research activities within the research platform covers the following research projects:

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