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Research areas; Mathematics and Statistics, University of Gävle

Rolf Källström
Universitetslektor i matematik
I work in fields ranging from algebraic geometry, commutative algebra to representation theory where a main interest is D-module theory. Problems are taken from mathematical physics, and in particular conformal field theory, where for instance so-called minimal models (classifying critical 2-dimensional statistical mechanical systems) can be described as certain smooth D-modules. Another interest related to physics is quantum integrable systems and its spectral theory.Here are some key words: modules over Lie algebroids on singular spaces, regular singularities, lifting derivations, homological dimension, Kashiwara´s conjecture, principal parts, compactification of quantum systems. inference.

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Xiaoqin Wang
Fil dr, Universitetslektor i Matematik
My research interests are in two areas. One is in analysis of several complex variabels, and in particular integral representations of holomorphic and the local properties of plurisubharmonic functions. The other one is in statistical causal inference, and specifically, I work with controlling of confounding through secondary samples, efficiency and bias in semi parametric methods in causal.
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