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Research centers

  • CLIP - Center for Logistics and Innovative Production
  • KITE - Knowledge Integration and Innovation in Transnational Enterprises

Research profile:  Managing logistics and innovative production

The research within the department of Industrial Engineering and Management at University of Gävle is focused on business process development and innovation management in industrial firms. The aim is to develop comprehensive knowledge on both operative and innovation processes within the areas of logistics, organisation, quality and technology. This includes analysis of change processes, useful methodology and effects.  

Our ambition is that the knowledge will contribute to competitive advantaged and innovation capability in combination sustainable working conditions in industry. A basic assumption is that successful management and renewal of industrial processes is based on exploiting the intimate relationship between human competence, technology and organisation of work. The research concerns both intra-firms conditions as well as inter-organisational collaboration between different firms.

The research area covers projects within four related areas:

  • Manufacturing strategies and their effects. This covers analysis of management concepts, rationalisation strategies and collaborative work forms in industrial networks.
  • Methodology for design of production system. This area focuses methodology and techniques for developing efficient production systems and organisations including design of logistic platforms, inter-firm relations, product and process development as well as management of environmental issues and total quality.
  • Sustainable work organisations. Within this area approaches for designing and managing work organisation and control systems that foster the development of sustainable work systems are at centre.
  • Continuous innovations. This covers research on strategies for continuous improvements and innovation that balances the need of exploiting existing capabilities and exploring new possibilities. Knowledge management is also included.

The research in all areas focuses contemporary problems and challenges relevant to industrial firms and actors. The relevancy is secured by an intimate dialogue and project collaboration with industrial firms, unions and industry representatives. The research methodologies used covers qualitative case studies as well as action research and quantitative surveys. International comparisons of industrial changes processes are frequently used.

Research centers

  • CLIP - Center for Logistics and Innovative Production
  • KITE - Knowledge Integration and Innovation in Transnational Enterprises

Current research projects and contacts

  • Outsourcing manufacturing and innovation capability. Contact: Lars Bengtsson
  • Knowledge creation in project organisations. Contact: Camilla Niss
  • Knowledge integration and supply chain design. Contact: Robin von Haartman
  • Supply Chain Maturity and performance in SME. Contact: Lars Bengtsson
  • Manufacturing logistics for lean manufacturing. Contact: Stefan Eriksson
  • Logistics for system suppliers. Contact: Inga-Lill Carlsson
  • Implementation of TQM and EMS. Contact: Kaisu Sammalisto
  • Innovation in small firms. Contact: Lars Löfqvist
  • Implementation of lean in industry and healthcare. Contact: Bengt Halling
  • Reliability engineering. Contact: Ming Zhao
  • Open innovation survey. Contact: Lars Bengtsson
  • International purchasing survey (IPS). Contact: Lars Bengtsson


The recent scientific publications comprise articles in refereed international journals, conference papers, thesis and books. Since the research group was founded in 2000, four PhD thesis and nine licentiate thesis have been produced.  
Publication list (DIVA)  

Research team and partners

Senior researchers
Lars Bengtsson, professor, research leader.
Göte Olsson, professor
Ming Zhao, PhD, senior lecturer
Kaisu Sammalisto, PhD, senior lecturer
Camilla Niss, PhD, senior lecturer
Robin von Haartman, PhD, senior lecturer

PhD students
Stefan Eriksson, MSc Eng .
Inga-Lill Carlsson, MSc BA
Jahn Öberg, MSc BA
Lars Löfqvist, MSc Eng
Muhammad Abid, MSc Eng
Bengt Halling, MSc
Jonas Renström, MSc
Monica Kaltenbrunner

Research partners
Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. (PhD school)
University of Linköping (KITE)
Luleå Technical University
Stockholm School of Economics

Healthcare Sector
Industrial firms

Financial partners
Vinnova, Lundbergs, Riksbanken,
KKS, Sparbanksstiftelsen

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