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Muhammad Abid

Muhammad Abid

Universitetsadjunkt i industriell ekonomi

E-post: muhammad.abid@hig.se
Telefon: 026-64 81 83

Senaste publikationerna

Fobbe, L., Lozano, R., Carpenter, A. & Abid, M. (2018). Sustainability assessment of seaports : Towards a comprehensive holistic framework. 24th Annual ISDRS Conference, Actions for a Sustainable World. From Theory to Practice, Messina, 13 -15 June, 2018. [Mer information]
Abid, M., Fobbe, L., Lozano, R. & Sammalisto, K. (2018). Sustainability reporting as a way to foster entrepreneurial universities. Proceedings of the 25th Annual EurOMA Conference - To Serve, to Produce and to Servitize in the Era of Networks, Big Data and Analytics, Budapest, June 24-26, 2018.. [Mer information]
Abid, M., Bengtsson, L. & Dabhilkar, M. (2013). Factors affecting shifts in global supply chain networks : A configurational approach. Proceedings of the 20th International Annual EurOMA conference, Dublin, Ireland, 9-12 June 2013. [Mer information]
Abid, M., Bengtsson, L., Hellberg, R. & Dabhilkar, M. (2012). Factors affecting global supply chain design. . Länk [Mer information]
Abid, M. (2015). Global Supply Chain Design : Exploring configurational and coordination factors. Lic.-avh. (sammanfattning), 2015. Stockholm: KTH Royal Institute of Technology. 54 s. (TRITA-IEO R 2015:05) Länk [Mer information]
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