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Afnan Zafar


Forskningsämne: Industriell ekonomi
Forskningsområde: Industriell ekonomi

Telefon: 026-64 85 00 (växel)


Afnan Zafar is currently a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in CLIP at the University of Gävle. Prior to pursuing his Post-Doc, he has completed his master’s in industrial management and a Ph.D. in Product Development and Innovations from the School of Technology and Innovations at the University of Vaasa, Finland. He also holds a Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Science from the University of Punjab majoring in production. With knowledge from both the science and business aspect of the pharmaceutical industry, Afnan is able to take a holistic approach in innovating throughout the lifecycle of any product development. He is able to understand the market needs and develop a product that the market wants with the Axiomatic design.

Before moving to Sweden, Afnan spent 6 years in research and industry-related activities in Finland, 5 years in the pharmaceutical industry, working in Lahore, Bangkok, and Dubai. Afnan understands the value chain of the pharmaceutical industry and has production experience from his time with Zeb Laboratories, product management experience as a product specialist in GlaxoSmithKline, and retail management experience at Al-Shafar Group of Companies (Aster Group).Areas of Research: Product development & design, Innovations, Knowledge creation, Axiomatic designs, SMEs.

Afnan worked for this EU project from 2017-2019.


Vetenskapliga artiklar, refereegranskade

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Vetenskapliga artiklar, ej refereegranskade

Zafar, A. (2019). LAB: Boosting Startup and SME Ecosystems in the South Karelia and Päijät-Häme Regions. LAMK Pro (26-sep). Länk [Mer information]
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Zafar, A. (2019). Revamping the employability of highly skilled immigrants in Finland. Siirtolaisuus - Migration, 4, 20-24. Länk [Mer information]

Övriga artiklar (populärvetenskap, debatt etc.)

Zafar, A. (2019). Aivovuoto Suomessa - Todellinen uhka vai myytti?. Siirtolaisuus - Migration, 4, 15-. [Mer information]
Zafar, A. (2019). Is the shortage of talent in Finland real or just a myth?. (27-sep). [Mer information]
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Zafar, A. (2019). Åbo behöver agera för att begåvningarna ska stanna kvar i staden. Åbo Underrättelser (09-okt). [Mer information]
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