Curriculum Vitae for Mats Sandberg

Date of Birth September 9, 1945


For about 30 years I have been involved in research on ventilation of buildings, indoor climate, heat and mass transfer within rooms and buildings, thermal comfort and air quality. Since about 10 years I am involved in research on the wind environment in urban areas, wind driven ventilation of vehicle tunnels and ventilation of cities.   
I have carried out basic research on the ventilation process in flows with a strong recirculation (contaminants are coming back) and introduced concepts and indices for describing and quantifying the ventilation process (ventilation effectiveness, air-change efficiency, mean age of air, purging flow rate). The concepts and standards are included in standards worldwide.  I have contributed to the development of new air distribution principles and ventilation principles, warm air systems, displacement ventilation, rapidly varying flow rates and hybrid ventilation. Within measurement technique I have contributed to the development of tracer gas technique for recording ventilation flow rates and distribution of air, new whole field measuring techniques (absorption tomography and particle streak velocimetry) for room air application.
Within cooling technology I have been involved in research on cooling in rooms by chilled beams and cooling of building integrated solar cells.
Within the field of ventilation of cities my research has shown the strong influence of the overall shape of cities and building area density on ventilation of cities. 

Academic Degrees  

Ph.D (Eng), KTH, 1984  

Academic Appointments

Visiting Professor University of Hong Kong2006
Visiting Professor University of Aalborg, Denmark2004
Visiting Professor Technical University of Denmark,
International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy2001
Professor HiG Indoor Environment1994
Professor KTH Fluid Mechanics in the field of Installations1990

Advisor ship for Graduate Students

7 have completed a PhD degree, 5 have completed a Licentiate degree, 4 are presently advised

Name                                          Lic. Degree           Doctorial degree
Taghi  Karimipanah                                                  1996
Valentino Todde                           1998
Magnus Mattsson                                                     1999
Ulf Larsson                                  2000
Peter Hansson                             1999                     2003
Tobias Törnström (co-advisor)      2003
Håkan Nilsson                                                         2004
Hans Wigö                                                              2006
Mathias Cehlin                                                        2006
Claes Blomqvist                          2005                     2009

Committee Affiliations

Scientific Advisory Committee of: IAQVEC 2007 Japan, Indoor Air in China 2005,  Roomvent2002 in Denmark, Roomvent2000 in UK, Roomvent´98 in Stockholm, Roomvent´96 in Tokyo, Roomvent´94 in Krakow, Roomvent´92 in Aaalborg, Roomvent´90 Oslo and Roomvent ´87 in Stockholm


Invited Lectures

Been invited to give keynote lectures at international conferences in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong-Kong , Italy, Japan, Poland and USA.



John Rydberg Gold Medal for outstanding contributions to the advancement of ventilation and air distribution in rooms 2000. 
International Honorary Membership of The Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineering of Japan  2009

Editorial Activities

The International Journal of Ventilation
Building Services Engineering Research & Technology
Building and Environment



Referee for several journals e.g. The Journal of Fluid Mechanics and Indoor Air   



I have published more than 200 journal papers and conference papers and I am co-author of a more than a 700 pages reference book.


International Cooperation

Has been participating in many projects within the framework of IEA and EU
Participate in COST Action 732 Quality Assurance and Improvements of Micro scale Meteorological Models

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