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Carin Nordström

PhD student, Business Administration

I am a PhD student at Mid Sweden University and doing my research for the University of Gävle, which I started in 2009 and is expected to be finished spring 2012, with the licentiate degree.

For this PhD position in entrepreneurship the creative industries and regional development was the target for this research. In entrepreneurship, research has long been dichotomized - employed or self-employed. This has recently changed something and now you can see that the working forms can be divided. One of these new forms is the combinership/moonlighting, which means that you both are employed and have my own business and this is the form my research seeks to illuminate.There are a lot of research on entrepreneurship and small business but there is little research on combinership. When it comes to combiners research has been acted primarily on combiners who choose to be that duplication towards fulltime self-employment. However, there is very little research on the combiners that have chosen to be combiners permanently and it is those I will seek to do my research about — the combiners who has worked with this form for more than 5 years and spends at least 20% to the self-employment.

The research will result in two articles, one of which will be quantitative and the other qualitative.

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Carin Nordström
PhD student, Department of Business and Economic Studies
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