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ACADEMIC RANK:  I am a Professor of Marketing at the University of Gävle, Sweden. I have developed the following courses both in English and Swedish at the University of Gävle: Customer Relationship Management, Strategic Marketing, Brand Management, International Business Strategy, and Industrial Marketing module of a PhD course called Marketing Theory. I currently teach Customer Relationship Management and International Business Strategy. 

TEACHING - I have a multi-disciplinary academic/research background and over twenty years experience in designing and teaching a range of courses in both in English and Swedish languages at undergraduate, Master and doctoral levels in a range of functional areas in business administration, such as principles of marketing 2, marketing management, strategic marketing, brand management, organizational theory, International Business, International marketing, Internet marketing, International market development, International business strategy, customer relationship management, Business-to-Business module of a Doctoral course called marketing theory.

LANGUAGE SKILLS/COMMUNICATION - Excellent oral and written skills in English, Swedish and Spanish and some Greek. I have been developing and delivering courses in English and Swedish in business and marketing areas at both undergraduate and post graduate levels since 1992.

Leadership experience including networking both domestically and internationally: I am also the Director of Research at the department of Business & Economic Studies. I carry out a range of leadership and administrative duties such as being the Director of Research (Forskningsledare) for business and economic subjects at the Department of Business and Economic Studies, University of Gävle in Sweden. I supervise bachelors, Masters and PhD thesis.

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