Daniella Fjellström

Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Business Administration

Department of Business and Economic Studies
Faculty of Education and Business Studies

Phone: +46 (0)26-64 82 14

E-mail: daniella.fjellstrom@hig.se

Daniella Fjellström, PhD, is an assistant professor at the Department of Business Studies. She was awarded her PhD from the Centre of International Business Studies (CIBUL) at the Leeds University Business School (LUBS), the University of Leeds, UK in 2012. Prior to academia, she was working in industry for international MNEs. She has post-doctoral experience from Uppsala University and has been working as a lecturer for Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University. She is currently teaching and supervising international MBA students and Bachelor level.

Current research

Her research interest’ lies is cross-cultural management, organizational learning and management of MNEs with a focus on China and emerging markets.

  • Internationalizations of SMEs
  • Reshoring from China and East Asia
  • Organizational culture and learning in MNEs

Latest publications

Fjellström, D., Fang, T. & Chimenson, D. (2019). Explaining reshoring in the context of Asian competitiveness : evidence from a Swedish firm. Journal of Asia Business Studies, 13 (2), 277-293. 10.1108/JABS-07-2016-0106 [More information]
Osarenkhoe, A., Fjellström, D., Abraha, D. & Awuah, G. (2019). Networked establishment processes in transition economies. Global Business and Economics Review (GBER). [In press] Link [More information]
Osarenkhoe, A. & Fjellström, D. (2019). A cluster's internationalization platform as a springboard for internationalization of firms in the age of digitalization. Economic Clusters and Globalization: Diversity and Resilience. Taylor & Francis Group. [More information]
Osarenkhoe, A. & Fjellström, D. (2019). A Study of of Exogenous Gap Critical for Cluster Dynamics and Interaction with Global Markets. 12th Annual Conference of the EuroMed Academy of Business : Business Management Theories and Practices in a Dynamic Competitive Environment. S. 885-897. [More information]
Osarenkhoe, A. & Fjellström, D. (2019). Depersonalization of the Customer Relationship in the Age of Digitalization. Proceedings of the 34th International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA) conference. [More information]
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