Books and book chapters

Doctoral thesis

Fregidou-Malama, M. (1994). Lantbrukskooperationen och staten : Samspelet rörande föreningslagen. Diss. , 1994. Uppsala: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) Department of Economics. 183 p. [More information]

Book chapters

Hollander, E. & Fregidou-Malama, M. (2017). The contemporary relevance of Karl Polanyi – a Swedish case. Theory and Method of Evolutionary Political Economy : A Cyprus Symposium. Abingdon: Routledge. P. 54-72. External link [More information]
Fregidou-Malama, M. & Hyder, A. (2013). Interest Free Co-operatives : A study of JAK Members Bank – Sweden. Decentralisation and Development : Experiences and Experiments. Thrissur: Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA). P. 64-85. [More information]
Mahadea, D. & Fregidou-Malama, M. (2013). The Social Economy. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. Cape Town: Pearson Education. P. 533-558. [More information]
Fregidou-Malama, M. & Sundström, A. (2009). Emerging Corporate Social Responsibility : Consumer Cooperatives in Sweden. Globalization, CSR and business legitimacy in local relationships. Uppsala: SLU Service/Repro. External link [More information]
Fregidou-Malama, M. (2005). Do we need balance the power between women and men in co-operatives?. The Future of Co-operatives in a Growing Europe. Universitat D Valéncia: CIRIEC-ESPANA. P. 789-. [More information]
Fregidou-Malama, M. (2005). Stadgan för Europeiska Kooperativa Föreningar : Till vilken nytta?. Kooperation i förändring. Stockholm: Föreningen Kooperativa Studier. [More information]
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