In 2013, Professor Aihie Osarenkhoe created a research network which includes: Högskolan i Gävle, Mittuniversitet, Högskolan i Dalarna and representatives of Cluster networks in three regions in Sweden. The project aims to develop joint cooperation on research and collaboration on sustainable innovation driven clusters with growth potential in regions that do not have large urban appeal. The goal is to investigate from various perspectives how the clusters evolve, and thereby suggests business model to improve the existing innovation-driven network configurations that support the actors in the network. A two-day workshop was held in Gävle 25-26 November and two workshops were held in February 2014. A fourth workshop with practitioners in May 2014.

He has documented experience in developing partnerships both domestically and internationally. He plays a major role in a multinational interdisciplinary research team (a systems oriented interdisciplinary international health systems management programme which encompass Social Medicine, Strategic Market Relationships, Medical Anthropology, Public health, economics, ICT and Diffusion of Innovation).  This project was granted Research Initiation grants by The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation and University of Gävle. Collaborating researchers are based in Karolinska Institute in Sweden, Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, University of Gävle, and researchers in Ghana, Uganda, South Africa and Bangladesh. I organized a workshop that took place in Gävle in November 2012.

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