Research interests

Her research interest’ lies is cross-cultural management, organizational learning and management of MNEs with a focus on China and emerging markets.

Ph.D. research:

The aim of the thesis research in Leeds.

PhD thesis title: “Motivation, culture and language in international knowledge transfer: Swedish multinational enterprises in China”.

is to illuminate the combining factors of self-determination theory (SDT), culture and language in order to explain how these aspects influence the knowledge transfer (KT) on an individual level in a cross-cultural setting.

Knowledge transfer is predominantly invariably studied at the organisational level, however it is the individuals who make the decisions of when and how to share their valuable business knowledge. As a result researchers need to know how and under what conditions individuals execute these decisions.

Therefore, this research will focus on the individual level. By employing a qualitative methodology, case studies, and the interview method, will enhance the in-depth understanding about the research topic.

The multi-language approach (i.e. interviews conducted in Swedish, English and Chinese) during the primary data collection will provide important methodological contributions in how language influences the amount of valuable data obtained during interviews in an international setting.

Current research:

  • Internationalizations of SMEs
  • Reshoring from China and East Asia
  • Organizational culture and learning in MNEs
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