Ehsanul Huda Chowdhury

Ph.D. in Marketing, Assistant Professor in Business Administration
Faculty of Educaiton and Business Studies
Department of Business and Economic Studies


Operator: 026-64 85 00

Ehsanul Huda Chowdhury finished his PhD from Angeles University Foundation of Philippines during June, 2010. His dissertation scope was on supply chain management. He completed his MBA in Marketing from University of Dhaka in Bangladesh in 2004 and completed his Masters in International Business from University of Western Sydney in Australia 2001.

Previously Dr. Chowdhury completed his Bachelors in commerce major in marketing University of Delhi in India in 1998. He has been teaching in the University in the undergraduate and post Graduate level since September, 2004. His main teaching area is Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

Current research

He has been doing research in the area of Marketing and Supply Chain Management for the last 10 years.

Latest publications

Amin, M., Chowdhury, E. & Zaman, M. (2018). Understanding the Determinants of Technology Driven Services Adoption by the Rural Consumers in Bangladesh. Journal of Business Administration, 38 (1 & 2), 103-115. [More information]
Hyder, A., Chowdhury, E. & Sundström, A. (2017). Balancing Control and Trust to Manage CSR Compliance in Supply Chains. International Journal of Supply Chain Management, 6 (2), 1-14. [More information]
Sundström, A., Sammalisto, K., Hyder, A. & Chowdhury, E. (2016). CSR implementation strategy constraints in emerging market supply chain context : Bangladesh garment industry experiences. International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, 14 (13), 9041-9062. [More information]
Fregidou-Malama, M., Hyder, A. & Chowdhury, E. (2019). Why Microfinance in Rich Developed Countries?. ICBM 2019 2nd International Conference on Business and Management. Dhaka: BRAC University. S. 795-. Link [More information]
Fregidou-Malama, M., Chowdhury, E. & Hyder, A. (2017). Innovative Marketing Strategy : Multinational Companies in Bangladesh. ICBM 2017 : International Conference on Business and Management. Dhaka: BRAC University. S. 659-659. Link [More information]
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