Research interests

My research deals with sustainability and globalisation.

I divide my publications/research into 4 themes:

  • The main theme of my research is what I call "Demand Shaping".
  • Another theme is "Innovation for Ecological and Social sustainability"
  • A third theme is "Economic sustainability"
  • A fourth theme is "Education for sustainability"


Research financed by FORMAS

"InFlow:" Towards Improved Interactions in the Two-Way Flow of Risk-Related Chemical Information - The Cases of Clothing, Toys, and Paint

Participants: Mikael Klintman, University of Lund, RPI. Sverker Molander, Chalmers, Jesper Sjöström, University of Malmö, Ernst Hollander, University of Gävle. doktoral candidates Emelie Stenborg, University of Lund and Kristin Fransson, Chalmers.

For earlier research see CV

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