Fredrik Hartwig

Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Business Administration

Department of Business and Economic Studies
Faculty of Education and Business Studies

Operator: ++46 (0)26-64 85 00
Mobile: ++46 (0)73-535 84 72


Dr Fredrik Hartwig is a senior lecturer in business administration, specialised in financial accounting, at the University of Gävle and Dalarna University.

Current research

His research is focused on effects and determinants of accounting- and auditing choices. He moreover conducts applied research which aims at developing the sustainability accounting system of tomorrow. 

Latest publications

Grek, Å., Hartwig, F. & Dougherty, M. (2018). Adjustment for Nonresponse in Business Surveys. Journal of Advances in Management Research. [Submitted] [More information]
Hartwig, F., Fagerström, A. & Kågström, J. (2018). Redovisning av externaliteter - några reflektioner. Balans : tidskrift för redovisning och revision, 3, 25-28. [More information]
Lindberg, P. & Hartwig, F. (2018). Redovisningsmanipulation och sambandet mellan redovisning och beskattning. Rättsliga och ekonomiska reflektioner över internationell skatteplanering. Uppsala: Iustus förlag. [More information]
Huq, A., Hartwig, F. & Rudholm, N. (2018). Do Audited Firms Have Lower Cost of Debt?. . [More information]
Huq, A., Daunfeldt, S., Hartwig, F. & Rudholm, N. (2018). Free to choose : Do voluntary audit reforms increase employment growth?. (HUI Working Paper Series 131) Link [More information]
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