Sarah Philipson

Ph.D., Associate Professor in Marketing, Business Administration

Department of Business and Economic Studies
Faculty of Education and Business Studies


Operator: +46 (0)26-64 85 00

Sarah Philipson has 19 years of experience of teaching at Swedish universities, mainly on advanced and advanced undergraduate level. She has 25 years of experience as senior executive officer in Scandinavian media, telecom, engineering, and paper and pulp industry. She has been holding positions such as group vice president, CEO, CFO and Marketing Manager.

Current research

My research has since I returned to academy has had 3 directions:
Innovation (from a marketing perspective), branding, and education in marketing.

Recent publications

Philipson, S. (2019). Sources of innovation : Consequences for knowledge production and transfer. Journal of Innovation and Knowledge. 10.1016/j.jik.2019.01.002 [More information]
Philipson, S. (2019). The difficulty with which tacit knowing is transformed into explicit knowledge. World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development, 15 (3), 346-359. 10.1504/WREMSD.2019.099410 [More information]
Philipson, S. (2018). Bachelor and Master theses, bird or fish? What is a good thesis? And what are the Differences and Similarities between Theses and scientific articles?. 11th Annual Conference of the EuroMed Academy of Business : Research Advancements in National and Global Business Theory and Practice: EuroMed Press. S. 1085-1094. [More information]
Philipson, S. (2018). Sources of Innovation - Revisited. . [More information]
Philipson, S. (2018). Well-grounded Theory–Pattern-finding in qualitative data : A 19 steps procedure of making data analyzable. . [More information]
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