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Vetenskapliga artiklar, refereegranskade

Osarenkhoe, A., Fjellström, D., Abraha, D. & Awuah, G. (2018). Networked establishment processes in transition economies. Global Business and Economics Review (GBER). [Accepted] Länk [Mer information]
Osarenkhoe, A. & Fjellström, D. (2017). Clusters’ vital role in promoting international competitive advantage : towards an explanatory model of regional growth [El rol fundamental de los clúster en la promoción de la ventaja competitive internacional - Hacia un modelo explicativo del crecimiento regional]. Investigaciones Regionales, 2017 (39), 175-194. Länk [Mer information]
Ojiaku, O., Osarenkhoe, A. & Fjellström, D. (2017). Determinants of Customers’ Intention to ‘Port’ Mobile Phone Numbers in Times of Proliferating use of Multi-Sims. International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, 15 (22), 621-643. [Mer information]
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Fjellström, D. & Guttormsen S.A., D. (2016). A critical exploration of ‘access’ in qualitative International Business field research: towards a concept of socio-cultural and multidimensional research practice. Qualitative research in organization and management, 11 (2), 110-126. 10.1108/QROM-05-2014-1225 [Mer information]
Demir, R. & Fjellström, D. (2012). Translation of relational practices in an MNC subsidiary : Symmetrical, asymmetrical and substitutive strategies. Asian Business & Management, 11 (4), 369-393. 10.1057/abm.2012.13 [Mer information]

Kapitel i böcker

Fjellström, D. & Zander, L. (2017). Asymmetrical Adaptation in a Swedish-Chinese context. Knowledge transfer in Multinational Companies : Sharing Multiple Perspectives. Paris: L'Harmattan. S. 73-117. [Mer information]
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Osarenkhoe, A., Fjellström, D., Abraha, D. & Awuah, G. (2017). Network perspective on establishment process in transition economies. Global and natinoal business theories and practice : Bridging the past with the future: EUROMED PRESS. S. 1235-1257. [Mer information]
Fjellström, D. & Fang, T. (2015). Reasons for reshoring from China to Sweden. . [Mer information]
Fjellström, D. (2014). Cross-cultural knowledge transfer: Lessons from Swedish MNEs in China. . [Mer information]
Fjellström, D. & Guttormsen S.A., D. (2014). The Silent Concept in Qualitative Research. . [Mer information]
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