Yvette Lind

Yvette Lind

LL.D., Assistant Professor in Law, Post-doc researcher

Department of Business and Economic Studies
Faculty of Education and Business Studies

Operator: +46 (0)26-64 85 00
Mobile: +46 (0)790-75 14 74

E-mail: Yvette.Lind@hig.se 

Current Research


Latest publications

Lind, Y. (2015). Ne bis in idem i Sverige och Belgien. Svensk skattetidning (8), 678-689. [Mer information]
Lind, Y. (2017). Crossing a border : a comparative tax law study on consequences of cross-border working in the Öresund and the Meuse-Rhine regions. Diss. , 2017. Stockholm: Jure. 320 s. Länk [Mer information]
Lind, Y. (2018). Fiscal State Aid and Tax Legitimacy – A Swedish Perspective.. Max Planck European Postdoctoral Conference on Tax Law. [Mer information]
Lind, Y. (2018). Skatteupplägg hos multinationella företag och deras kompatibilitet med EU:s statsstödsrätt. . Länk [Mer information]
Lind, Y. (2018). Fiscal state aid and tax legitimacy linked to environmental - and energy taxation. Annual Meeting on Law and Society Toronto 2018 : Law at the Crossroads: Le droit à la croisée des chemins. S. 154-154. [Mer information]
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