Research interests

Dr. Dennis Collentine has worked extensively with policy evaluation on assignments from the Swedish EPA, Water District Authorities, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, Stockholm International Water Institute, Swedish County Boards and national and European research programs. As a part of the SLU team he has been responsible for evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of agri-environmental measures in Sweden under the EU RDP Axel 2 program (Final Evaluation 2000-2006, Midterm Evaluation 2007-2012, Final Evaluation 2007-2013). He has recently completed a tender for DG-Environment on the implementation of Natural Water Retention Measures (NWRM) under the WFD. Other recent EU projects include the FP7 project TEAMPEST with a focus on the use of bio-economic models to evaluate the environmental impact at the local and regional scale of taxes on pesticide toxicity and the cost effectiveness of agri-environmental measures in the EU Interreg program Baltic Compass. He has served as an expert on review boards for national and international programs dedicated to IWRM and water quality improvement. For the last 4 years he has been a member of the management board for the research group SLU Water HUB and works in the program with the catchment modelling group on development of DSS for assessing the effectiveness of agri-environmental measures using integrated modelling tools.

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