Working life:

 Substituting priest, Enköping, Finnish Assembly 1981 - 1988

Military Pastor, Uusimaa Brigade, Tammisaari, Finland 1983-01-01 - 1983-06-03

Conference leader at Sigtuna Foundation 1989-01-01 - 1991-06-30

Academic qualifications:

 Theologie candidate at Uppsala University 1981-02-03

Accepted for postgraduate studies at the Department of Theology, Uppsala University 1983-10-18

Doctor of theology from philosophy of religion 1987-05-15

Lecturer in Theology and Theology at Uppsala University from Spring 1988 to 1996-05-30

Researcher at the Swedish Church's research secretariat 1991-07-01 - 1992-06-30

Lecturer at the Institute of Sköndal / Ersta & Sköndal university from autumn 1992 to autumn 1996

Lecturer in Philosophy of Religion at Uppsala University 1993-07-01 - 1994-12-31

Study principal, director of quality assurance program for undergraduate studies at the Department of Theology, Uppsala University, 1995-01 - 2001 - 1996-06-30

Course leader (commissioned) for ethics education at Ersta & Sköndal college autumn 1999 up to 2011

Lecturer at the University of Gävle autumn 1999.

Chair of Religious Studies at the University of Gävle from 2002-10-01 - 2009-12-31

Head of Department, Department for Culture, Religion and Educational Science at the University of Gävle, Sweden from 2010-01-01 inclusive 2011-03-21

Professor in Religious Studies, the University of Gävle 2015

Educational qualifications:

Uppsala University's teacher training for university teachers

Mentor Training at Uppsala University

Member of Mentor College at Uppsala University

The mentor for academic staff, Department of Theology, Uppsala University

Supervisor at Uppsala University

Supervisor in social services


Member of the Swedish Church's confessional working group 1991-92

Member of the Library Council at the Department of Theology 1994-95

Member of the Gender Equality Committee, Department of Theology, Uppsala University 1993-94

Teacher Representative of the HVS Board of the University of Gävle as from autumn 2002 until Fall 2009

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