Research Interest

Philosophy of Religion, Views of Life, Social Ethics

Prior Projects

Doctoral thesis:

Experiential Dialectics. An Inquiry into the Epistemological Status and the Methodological Role of the Experiential Core in Paul Tillich's Systematic Thought. (1987). Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell International.

On Paul Tillich, international research:

“Religion in a Non-Religious Age; Criticism of religion and after", Papers from the Annual Meeting of the North American Paul Tillich Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1995. Charlottesville: University of Virginia, 1995.

Ethics, Interaction, and Differential Thinking : Potentiality of Future in Paul Tillich's Social Ethics. 2012. Gävle: University of Gävle. 155 s.

"The Unity of Life and the Kingdom of God : Interdependence and Interaction between Individuals, Natures, and the Ground of Being in Paul Tillich’s Eschatology". International Yearbook for Tillich Research, 2015, 10 (1), 81-102.

Project, Human self-understanding:

Mentality and mind-mapping during historical eras: Antiquity, modernity and late-modern era.

Wholeness and the Integral Mind. Towards Self-transcending Humanity. (2003). Stockholm: Elanders Gotab.

Research in Social Ethics:

"Politics of the Soul in Changing Society: Paul Tillich´s Political Pathos of the 1920´s in Light of Nietzsche´s Moral Philosophy". Föredrag American Academy of Religion, Annual Meeting i San Antonio, Texas, november 2004. Bulletin of The North American Paul Tillich Society. Vol. 31, nr. 3. 2005.

"Ethics and Expressionism: Things, Individuals and Common Concerns". Föredrag North American Paul Tillich Society/American Academy of Religion, Washington DC, november 2006. Bulletin of The North American Paul Tillich Society. Vol. 33, nr. 3. 2007.

"Democracy and the Ethical Self. Tillich and Nietzsche on Citizenship in Modern Society". Internationales Jahrbuch für die Tillich-Forschung. Band 3. Christian Danz, Werner Schüssler och Erdmann Sturm (red.) 2008. Wien: LIT Verlag

"Clashes of Justice in Finding Life : Justice in General and the Expressive Creative Justice in Modern Cinema". Bulletin : The North American Paul Tillich Society, 2016, XLII (3), 20-29.

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