Davoud Masoumi

Senior Lecturer and Quality Coordinator

E-mail: davoud.masoumi@hig.se

Telephone: 026-64 87 96
Mobil: 076-214 32 56

Current Research

Masoumi’s research interest is mostly centered on the ways information and communication technologies (ICT) changes the conditions for knowing and learning in contemporary society, how ICT transforms educational practices and teaching and learning within these practices, how learning tools, environments and infrastructures can be designed, implemented and evaluated to enhance teaching and learning. He also has an interest in quality in education, i.e. the ways that quality in higher education can be enhanced and assured.
He is member of the ICT in Learning research group at the University of Gävle.


Recent Publications

Masoumi, D., Hatami, J. & Pourkaremi, J. (2019). Continuing Professional Development : policies, practices and future directions. International Journal of Educational Management, 33 (1), 98-111. 10.1108/IJEM-03-2018-0109 [More information]
Masoumi, D. (2019). Situating ICT in teacher education: The case of a preschool teacher education programme. Technology, Pedagogy and Education. [Submitted] [More information]
Mahdiuon, R., Masoumi, D. & Farasatkhah, M. (2017). Quality improvement in virtual higher education : A grounded theory approach. Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education (TOJDE), 18 (1), 111-131. 10.17718/tojde.285720 [More information]
Masoumi, D. (2017). Creating a culture of quality: Quality assurance in an Scandinavian higher education institution. . [More information]
Holmberg, J., Masoumi, D., Elm, A., Fransson, G., Westelius, C., Björkman, A., Stake-Nilsson, K. & Toratti-Lindgren, M. (2017). Teachers’ and students’ understanding and use of ICT for teaching and learning – Combining different perspectives and methodologies in research on technology-enhanced learning. . [More information]
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