Research Interest

Masoumi’s research interest is mostly centered on the ways information and communication technologies (ICT) changes the conditions for knowing and learning in contemporary society, how ICT transforms educational practices and teaching and learning within these practices, how learning tools, environments and infrastructures can be designed, implemented and evaluated to enhance teaching and learning. He also has an interest in quality in education, i.e. the ways that quality in higher education can be enhanced and assured.

Masoumi’s PhD thesis entitled “Quality in E-learning Within a Cultural Context”, takes a cross-disciplinary approach and looks at quality in e-learning in higher education. In this research, a comprehensive e-quality framework was developed for enhancing and assuring quality in virtual institutions, i.e. institutions committed to e-learning or distance education. Based on the premise that quality in e-learning is culturally conditioned by carrying attributes of a given culture, a conceptual culture-sensitive e-quality model was developed. The model maps out a structure for how the cultural and cultural-pedagogical norms and values can be built in and integrated when developing quality in e-learning through implementing an e-quality framework. This is important, especially given that cultural norms and values often are taken for granted and not visible.

A similar EU-funded project involved enhancing and assuring quality in Arminian Higher Education. In another project, Masoumi have tried to study the ways that digital technologies transform and enhance educational practices in teacher training programs conducted at the University of Gothenburg. A final project involved ICT use in Swedish preschools. Some of the project outcomes have been published or are under revision.

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