Johan Liljestrand

Dr Johan Liljestrand

Reader and Senior lecturer in Education


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Current Research

Student teachers and the school's democratic mission 

New book chapter together with Silvia Edling in forthcoming volume: Raiker, A et al (ed) Teacher education and the development of democratic citizenship in Europe. Taylor & Francis, 2019.

Young people in multi-cultural environments

With Dr Linda Vikdahl, Södertörn University and Professor Geir Skeie, University of Stavanger.

The depiction of Christianity in Swedish Compulsory RE

Together with the group Religion Didactics in Gävle, ReDiG and the members David Carlson and Peder Thalén.

Preschool teachers about the school-like mission

Interview based project, approached by curriculum theory and didactics.


Design and didactics within science and technology in preschool. With a focus on the relationship between the steering of preschool and professional development.

Together with Dr Annika Elm, University of Gävle  

What is an innovative teacher?

Project within the ATEE-network,

Recent Publications

Edling, S. & Liljestrand, J. (2019). Let’s talk about teacher education! : Analysing the media debates in 2016-2017 on teacher education using Sweden as a case. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education. 10.1080/1359866X.2019.1631255 [More information]
Edling, S. & Liljestrand, J. (2019). “Democracy for me is saying what I want”: The teaching profession on free speech, democratic mission and the notion of political correctness in a Swedish context. Teacher education and the development of democratic citizenship in Europe. Taylor & Francis. [More information]
Liljestrand, J. (2019). Förskollärares professionella undervisningskunskap. Förskola, barn och lärande – didaktik i förskolan. Liber. [More information]
Liljestrand, J., Carlsson, D. & Thalén, P. (2019). Images of Christianity in teaching materials for the Swedish compulsory school. . [More information]
Liljestrand, J., Elm, A., Johansson, U. & Mårtensson, K. (2019). Introducing and exploring student teachers use of digital tools – preliminary results from a development project. . [More information]
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