Johan Liljestrand

Dr Johan Liljestrand

Associate Professor, Senior lecturer in Education


Telephone: +46-(0)26-64 84 51

Current Research


Student teachers and the school's democratic mission 


Religion and Dialogue in modern Societies (ReDi)

New book volume: Haddad, L, Husebo, D, Ipgrave, J, Johannesen, Ö, Liljestrand, J & Skeie, G (2018) Interreligious Engagement in Urban Spaces. Springer.


Identity formation among young people in a multicultural school environment

Preschool teachers about the school-like mission



Design and didactics within science and technology in preschool  


Recent Publications

Liljestrand, J. (2018). How Interreligious buildings Influence Interreligious Neighbourhood Relations – The Case of Gods House in Fisksätra. Religion and Dialogue in the City. Waxmann Verlag. [More information]
Liljestrand, J. (2018). Religion and Swedishness : Swedish student’s attitudes to religions and nationality. Religion and Dialogue in the City.. Waxmann Verlag. [More information]
Liljestrand, J. (2018). Child- and subject orientation in Swedish preschool teachers’ practical reasoning. . [More information]
Elm, A. & Liljestrand, J. (2018). Documentation between local professionalism and accountability – a case from the Swedish preschool. . [More information]
Liljestrand, J. (2018). Educating for critical, sustainable learning in early years – policy expectations and practical deliberations among Swedish preschool teachers. . [More information]
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