Liya Kalinnikova

Liya Kalinnikova

PhD in Special Education

Senior Lecturer of Special Education

Affiliated Researcher at UCRS, Uppsala University


Telephone: 026-64 87 61

Current Research

The research experience is in the area of special education development with a special  focus on:

  • Eastern European countries, meeting circumstances of deep economical polarization and poverty
  • how the political agenda of these countries is challenging institutional practices for the most vulnerable groups of children
  • children with different impairments and needs and learning problems; the ‘image’ of family life of families with children with impairments
  • transcendental ethics in unique family contexts (including the area of alternative and augmentative communication - AAC).
  • Methodology research: phenomenology hermeneutics, case study, comparative studies.

Recent Publications

Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2019). Experience of Inclusion in Higher Education in One of the Swedish Industrial Cities in the North (the University of Gävle). Promoting the Social Inclusion of Youth and Access to Labour Markets : Experiences in Finland, Sweden, and Russia. Åbo: Åbo Akademi University, Institute for Human Rights. S. 16-26. Link [More information]
Kalinnikova, L. (2019). Different roads to the same target: inclusion through exclusion?. Conference book. Link [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2019). Segregation for inclusion? : Special education and child disability in the Soviet special education history. Book of abstracts. Link [More information]
Kalinnikova-Magnusson, L. (2018). Ontologiya neprotivorechivosti sotsialnoi konstruksii spotsialnogo i inklusivnogo obrasovaniya [Ontology of self-consistency of social construction of special and inclusive learning]. «ИНВАЛИДЫ – ИНВАЛИДНОСТЬ – ИНВАЛИДИЗАЦИЯ». Nizhnii Novgorod: NISOTS. S. 387-391. Link [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2018). Substitution of shortage services: Habilitation resources in low income families with hearing impaired children. . [More information]
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