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Scholarly articles, refereed

Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. & Walton, E. (2017). Challenges Arising From the Special Education Legacies in South Africa and Soviet Russia. European Journal of Special Needs Education. [Submitted] [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. & Bodorin, C. (2017). Habilitation resources in families with hearing impaired children : substitution and complementation of shortage services (Republic of Moldova). TILTAI, 77 (2), 11-27. 10.15181/tbb.v77i2.1600 [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2017). Response of parents to inclusive education in societies of economical polarisation [Отношение родителей к инклюзивному образованию в изменяющихся обществах/Otnoshenie roditelei k inkluzivnomu obrazovaniu v izmenyzushihsya obshestvah]. Journal of Psychology. Special Pedagogy. Social Work (PSPSW), 46 (1), 31-40. External link [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2016). “One step ahead and two steps back” : meeting special education and inclusive challenges in the context of poverty (case study in the context of Republic of Moldova). Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs, 16 (Suppl. 1), 786-788. 10.1111/1471-3802.12179 [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2015). AAC: ethics of unique communicative context. Sotsial'no Psihologichni Problemi Tiflopedagogiki [Social-Psychological Problems of Typhlopedagogy], Institute of Special education at National Pedagogica University named after M. Dragomanov, 12 (21), 92-100. [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2015). Critical factors of the poverty structure in families upbringing children with disabilities (pre-understanding situation in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine). Banber - Bulletin of Yerevan University. Sociology, Economics, 1, 42-57. External link [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. & Magnusson, M. (2015). Literacy as a toll for socialization of AAC users. Main Issues in Special Education : Scientific Methodical Journal, 3, 265-275. External link [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. & Magnusson, M. (2015). Социальная политика в отношении детской «дефективности» в военно-революционный период и первую декаду Советской власти (1914–1927 годы) : [Social policy of child "defectivity" during the war-revolutionary period and the first decade of Soviet power establishment (1914-1927)]. Vestnik SAFU. Serija Gumanitarnye i sotsialnye nauki, 1, 157-166. External link [More information]
Kalinnikova, L. & Trygged, S. (2014). A retrospective on care and denial of children with disabilities in Russia. Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research, 16 (3), 229-248. 10.1080/15017419.2013.861865 [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. & Chiperi, N. (2014). Parents with mental retardation and family resources: the narrative of social exclusion in the conditions of extreme poverty [the sample from Republic of Moldova]. Scientific journal of the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. Series 19: Special Education and Psychology (26), 433-441. External link [More information]

Scholarly articles, non-refereed

Kalinnikova Magnusson, L., Magnusson, M. & Bal, N. (2015). Developing Inclusive Infrastructure by Bringing AAC Knowledge for Special Education in Adjoining Countries to EU. Journal of the Comenius Association (24), 21-24. External link [More information]


Kalinnikova-Magnusson, L. & Belibova, S. (ed.) (2015). Pictures of poverty in societies under transformation. [Chisinau]: 318 p. [More information]

Book chapters

Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. & Risenqvist, J. (2020). <em>Development of special education in Moldova: </em><em>paradoxes as to inclusion (submitted November 15, 2019)</em>. <em>Dialogues between Northern and Eastern Europe on the Development of Inclusion THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL PERSPECTIVES</em>. England: Routledge. [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2019). Experience of Inclusion in Higher Education in One of the Swedish Industrial Cities in the North (the University of Gävle). Promoting the Social Inclusion of Youth and Access to Labour Markets : Experiences in Finland, Sweden, and Russia. Åbo: Åbo Akademi University, Institute for Human Rights. P. 16-26. External link [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. & Magnusson, M. (2015). Sovremennaya sotsialjnaya rabota i traditsionnoje spetsialjnoje obrazovanije: "obsheje sotsialjnoje". Rossiya i Severnije strani. [Contemporary social work and traditional special education: "common social". Russian and Nordic countries]. Sotsialjnaya rabota XXI veka: globaljnije vizovi i regionaljnaya practika [Social work 21 century: global challeges and local practice] : Monography. Archangelsk, Russia: Northern Arctic Federal University named after M.Lomonosov. P. 55-64. [More information]

Conference papers

Kalinnikova, L. (2019). Different roads to the same target: inclusion through exclusion?. Conference book. External link [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2019). Segregation for inclusion? : Special education and child disability in the Soviet special education history. Book of abstracts. External link [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2019). Universal design for learning and AAC: didactics of inclusiveteaching/learning settings. Abstracts: 12th ECER-AAC Conference "AAC All Day", 1-3 July, 2019, Bratislava, Slovakia. P. 6-6. [More information]
Kalinnikova-Magnusson, L. (2018). Ontologiya neprotivorechivosti sotsialnoi konstruksii spotsialnogo i inklusivnogo obrasovaniya [Ontology of self-consistency of social construction of special and inclusive learning]. «ИНВАЛИДЫ – ИНВАЛИДНОСТЬ – ИНВАЛИДИЗАЦИЯ». Nizhnii Novgorod: NISOTS. P. 387-391. External link [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2018). Promoting social inclusion of youth in the northern industrial towns: xperiences in Finland, Sweden and Russia. . External link [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2018). Substitution of shortage services: Habilitation resources in low income families with hearing impaired children. . [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2018). СОЦИАЛЬНАЯ ИНКЛЮЗИЯ ЧЕРЕЗ СЕГРЕГАЦИЮ? СПЕЦИАЛЬНОЕ ОБРАЗОВАНИЕ В МЕЖДУНАРОДНОМ ОБОЗРЕНИИ [Social Inclusion through segregation? International Perspective in special education]. . [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2017). AAC: meeting <em>Event</em> in life span longitude. . [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2017). Challenges Arising From the "Red" and the "White" Special Education Legacy. 15th Biennial International Association of Special Education (IASE) Conference : Addressing the Exceptional Needs of the Whole Child and Young Adult: Embracing the Future. [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2017). Costs of AAC: methodology of time, space, tools and values. 11th ECER AAC Conference Program<em></em>. [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2017). Ongoing trends in special education. . [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2017). Power influence in disability: gender aspect : Ideas from Sweden as applied on present situation in Russia. <em></em> : <em></em>. [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2017). Vägen till eleven. . [More information]
Ryskina, V., Artamonova, A., Kalinnikova Magnusson, L., Magnusson, M. & von Tetzchner, S. (2016). Augmentative and Alternative Communication in Russia. 17th Biennial Conference of International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 8-13 August, 2016, Toronto, Canada : Bringing Us Together. P. 190-. External link [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2016). Developing research and education in the special education field. . [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2016). Differences as a source of development. Some lessons from Vygotsky for culturally diverse learning milieu. . [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2016). Legacy of special education in Russia. Intensive Municipal Partnerships between Russia and Sweden : Panel IV Human welfare and the Role of Local Government in Inclusion of Persons with Functional Variations in Work and in Study. [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2016). Presentation of the idea to contribute to the project, based on the case of Archangelsk region (Russia). : <em></em>. [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2016). Special Education: Traditions and Transitions (experience from neighboring non EU countries). Engineering, Education and Psychology, Conference Program Guide, Engineering Information Institute. P. 18-19. [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2016). Unfreedoms of poverty and disability : special education as a traditional assistance. . P. 16-. External link [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2015). AAC: ethical contexts and ethical dilemmas. . [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2015). Crucial factors of poverty in families with children with developmental disorders. . [More information]
Kalinnikova-Magnusson, L. (2015). [Structure of poverty in families with children with developmental disabilities (pre-understanding situation in  the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine)]. Pictures of poverty in societies under transformation. [Chisinau]: -. P. 28-56. [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. & Magnusson, M. (2014). Conceptualizing literacy in AAC : some reflections. . Gatchina, Leningradskaya oblastj. P. 37-45. External link [More information]
Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2014). Special education in different social context : search for new theoretical approaches. : Kazan State University. P. 362-371. External link [More information]


Kalinnikova Magnusson, L. (2016). Scientific Report   Project title: «Human resources in poverty and disability: family perspective (Moldova and Ukraine)» : Popular description of the project. External link [More information]
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