Curriculum Vitae

Education and academic positions
Visiting professor/research leader of curriculum studies/educational science at University College of Gävle, 2003 --
Professor of Education at Uppsala University, 1999 --
Accepted as a senior research fellow at Uppsala University, 1984
One-year teacher training program in educational theory and practice at University of Göteborg, 1983
Ph.D. Doctor of Education at University of Stockholm, 1977
Bachelor of Art at University of Göteborg, 1970

Employment history
Department of Education and Psychology, University College of Gävle (visiting professor/research leader, 2003--); Department of Education, Uppsala University (postdoctoral fellow, lecturer, and professor, 1981--); Stockholm College of Education (visiting professor, 1986); National Board of Education (expert, 1980 — 1982, 1988); Ministry of Education  (expert, 1977 — 1979, 1990); Department of Education, University of Göteborg (research assistant, postgraduate student, acting lecturer 1971 — 1982)

Research projects and networks
At present research leader of the research project Didactical perspectives of newly qualified teachers´ professional development (Didaktiska perspektiv på nya lärares professionella utveckling) funded by Swedish Research Council (UVK), 2006-2008.
At present scientific leader of the network regarding Newly qualified teachers in Nordic Countries — working conditions, support, and professional development, funded by Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research, 2005-2007.
Member of the network regarding Newly qualified teachers in Nordic Countries — Comparative Perspectives, funded by NORDPLUS 2009-2012.
Scientific leader and researcher for research projects funded by The National Agency for Higher Education (nineties); The National Board of Education (nineties, eighties, seventies); Council for Research in the humanities and Social Sciences (eighties); Swedish Employers´ Confederation (eighties); Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (seventies). The commissions/the responsibility of the research programmes have with two exceptions been a combination of scientific responsibility and research work in practice.
Member of a national higher education network focussing higher educational issues (SWEDNET)
Active member of the Northern network MER (Montessori Education and Research).

Main supervisor for 13 post graduate students and assistant supervisor for four who got their PhDs in Uppsala, Örebro and Linköping. At present supervising three doctoral students (with various study intensity) as main supervisor and two as assistant supervisor.
Commission of trust (examples)
Chairman of the Social Science Faculty´s Appointments Board (senior lectureship): 1993 -- 2011
Member of the Board of the Social Science Faculty, Uppsala University: 1990 — 2002
Member of the Teacher College Research Board, Uppsala University: 1998 — 2001
Member of the Steering Group for Quality Assurance and Evaluation at Uppsala University: 1993 - 2000
Head of department of Education, Uppsala University: 1991 - 1997
Furthermore member of committees, reference groups, several internal and external elector groups, and the author/co-author of several comments on a proposal circulated for consideration.

Commissions related to examining and assessment of Swedish higher education
Since 1995 participant in evaluations conducted by the National Agency for Higher Education:
- education and training for the medical and paramedical professions — first time 113 study programs and second time 84 study programs
- assessments of quality assurance at Swedish universities and university colleges
- accreditation of the right to emit diplomas and the right to offer teacher training programmes. 
Participant in the evaluation of education conducted by the National Agency for Higher Education (2008-2012)
Evaluation of scientific quality and research activity at Örebro University (2000) and University of Bergen, Norway (2004).
Evaluation committee member in Norway aiming at assess the one year programme of teacher education (theory and practice) (2001).
Committee member of a pilot study (commission from The Swedish Association of Business Administration Graduates) to assess three Swedish business administration study programs (1996).

Other commissions
Member of examining committees for doctoral thesis in education and other university disciplines (about 35 times) and commissions as examiner at public defence of doctoral thesis in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway
Several commissions as outside expert at staff appointments, promotion, and assessment of competence as senior lecturers in education and other university disciplines in Sweden and Norway (about 45-50 commissions).
Commissions as outside expert associated with application for funds (at present at Swedish Research Council and Norwegian Research Council)
Referee for Pedagogisk Forskning i Sverige (Educational Research in Sweden), Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research, and Teaching and Teacher Education.

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