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Period for course registration in Ladok: 15 August – 28 August.

Course information

Course information
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BI304A 18131 (included in the course package Nordic ecology), 18130

Study period and pace

This course is a half-time given between weeks 35-44


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Lars Hillström


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In this course you will learn about basic concepts on ecological aspects of the alpine environment. The course common thread is about adaptations of the flora and fauna for surviving in the alpine environment. We will discuss different ecological and geological aspects of life in the Swedish mountains. There will be different lectures during the first two weeks, when we will introduce and discuss some central ecological concepts, such as abiotic and biotic factors, the niche, habitat, ecological adaptations, predator-prey interactions, populations, etc. During the first two weeks of the course we will also do the planning for the field trip. After coming back from the field trip, you will be involved in presenting your own experiences from the alpine environment on different seminars. At the end of the course there will be a written examination.

Lectures, seminars and presentations will all be on Campus, assuming there will be no new restrictions according to the Covid-situation during the autumn.
The field trip will be a six day trip to the Swedish mountains.

More information about the course structure can be found in the learning platform Canvas.

The course is given by the Faculty of Department of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Science.

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