Welcome to the course Placement for Teaching Practice 7,5 cr. /Ämnesdidaktisk VFU i engelska

Period for course registration in Ladok: 19 September - 2 October.

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Course information
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ENG516 12509

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This course is a half-time course given between weeks 40-49


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Caroline Sims



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Welcome to Placement for Teaching Practice (VFU) 7.5 cr.!

My name is Caroline Sims and I am the course coordinator for this course. Please contact me if you have any questions about the course (caroline.sims@hig.se).

This course runs between weeks 40-49 and throughout this period you are expected to participate in various types of activities held at your VFU school. Such activities could comprise for example, planning, implementing and evaluating teaching, as well as assessing pupil’s development in English and participating in staff meetings. Remember that being a teacher at your level results in a 45-hour-week if you are working full time.

In addition, there are three obligatory course meetings which you must attend; the introductory meeting, the tripartite meeting (trepartssamtal) and the final presentation at the end of the course. The introductory meeting takes place week 39. More information on times and dates for these meetings will be posted on Canvas. All meetings take place via zoom.

This course also includes a set assignment and the instructions for this assignment can be found in the course description which will be available on Canvas two weeks before the course starts.

Please remember that you are a representative of our university during your VFU and at your VFU placement school. As you can see in the course plan, it is important that you conduct yourself in a professional manner and represent the values and principles of the Swedish educational system.

Contact your LLU in good time. You are responsible for distributing the following documents well in advance to your LLU, in printed or digital form:

• The introductory letter
• The evaluation form (bedömningsunderlag)
• VFU-guiden

You should also show your LLU (Lokala Lärarutbildare) the course description and discuss your assignment with your LLU. At the end of your placement and together with you, your LLU will fill in the evaluation form. You are responsible for submitting this form under “Assignments” on Canvas after the completion of the course.

All documents will be available on Canvas.


It is important that you log onto Canvas in good time before the course starts since this will be our main channel for communication. This is where you will find material about our courses such as the syllabus and schedule, instructions, assignments, etc. This is also where the course coordinator will post general announcements concerning the course and the individual sessions. Therefore, check the Canvas course page regularly.

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