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Course information

This course is a half-time course given between weeks 35-44.

Course information
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Leadership and Gender 7,5 credits

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Faculty of Education and Business Studies

Course co-ordinator

Michelle Rydback
E-mail: michelle.rydback@hig.se

Course administration

Victoria Higuita Otero

E-mail: studentsupport@hig.se

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About the course

Course syllabus, reading list and timetable

Course syllabus, reading list and timetable

Course organisation and communication

Course organisation

Dear student,

You are most welcome to the course leadership and gender. All teaching will be digital this semester. We look forward to cooperating with you!

This is a half-time course with a weight of 7.5 ECTS points (European Credit Transfer System). The course runs between week 35 (30 August) and week 44 (7 November), 2021.

The aim of this course is to provide students with theoretical knowledge of leadership, from a gender perspective. The main goal of the course is to give students the possibility to understand why gender issues are important for organisations, leadership, the individual, and society. Whether you work in Sweden, or in the international context, understanding the role of gender in business and critically discuss is of importance.

Upon completion of the course students shall:
Knowledge and understanding
• Demonstrate knowledge on Theories and key concepts of leadership and leadership in a gender perspective
• Demonstrate specialised knowledge in analysing the role of leadership and gender in organisations and the society
• Critically analyse and examine organisations and the role of gender in a historical and contemporary times perspective
• Demonstrate methodological knowledge and be exposed to current research in the field of leadership and gender.
Competence and skills
• Autonomously identify and formulate problems assessing the importance of gender issues in managing business
• Demonstrate the ability to integrate knowledge and analyse, assess and deal with complex issues even with limited information.
• Demonstrate skills required to participate in research in the field of leadership and gender.
• Demonstrate the ability in critical thinking, independent work, teamwork, research and oral and written communication skills with different audiences.
Judgement and approach
• Demonstrate the ability to make assessments in the field of leadership and gender and its role in the society.
• Demonstrate awareness of ethical aspects of research work and its role for business and society.
• Demonstrate the ability to identify personal needs for further knowledge and take responsibility for the own learning.

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Most contact, assignments, submissions, and results will be announced on Canvas. Our Canvas course page will open on week 32 (9 August 2021). Check the course schedule often as there may be changes in the planning from time to time.

Lecture and discussion will be done through the Zoom application. It is expected that students know how to use Zoom, have a good Internet connection, and are in place conducive to performing learning activities (i.e., quiet place, no disturbance, use headphones).

Course literature

• Alvesson, M. & Due Billing, Y.D. (latest edition). Understanding Gender and Organizations . London: Sage. pages: ca 230 s.
• Kanter, R.M. (latest edition). Men and Women of the Corporation. New York: Basic Books. pages: ca 390 s.
• Scientific articles, about 300 pages.

Most welcome, see forward to cooperating with you!
Dr. Michelle Rydback

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